In the outskirts of New York City is Brooklyn Mint Dental, a dental practice that holds itself to a high standard in both patient care and love for the environment.

“We are friendly neighborhood dentists with a dream to create something refreshingly different in the dental world, and we built it in Brooklyn,” says Dr. Alice, a lead practitioner at Brooklyn Mint Dental says. “We practice mindful, modern, whole health, and patient-centered dentistry with a passion and commitment to clinical excellence and social and environmental consciousness. So we knew we had to be intentional with our buildout. Flooret stood out from the pack.”

Flooret has been committed to sustainability since the start and for years has been working to neutralize our carbon footprint and ensure our flooring’s lifecycle is sustainable. In addition to being made to last a lifetime (preventing the need to ever see a landfill), all of our flooring collections feature key certifications like FloorScore, GreenGuard Gold, and Assure to guarantee clean air that's safe for everyone wherever they are installed.

And, on top of it all: we make sure our floors are beautiful. Look at how Palka Signature from the Modin Rigid Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection shines in this beautiful practice.

Anyone stepping in here for a dental appointment is sure to feel a sense of peace!

Reimagining the Dental Office Aesthetic

Before Brooklyn Mint Dental started their build, it was a “cement box.” Dr. Alice and Dr. Chris were determined to reimagine what a dental practice looks like, and, thus, built their dream space, which they describe as “hygge meets Japanese zen.” Naturally, Palka was an excellent choice.

“When the floors were installed, we could finally see the potential of our dental studio become a reality,” Dr. Alice says. “We were hoping to create a clean, bright, airy, and expansive environment that would invite our patients to relax while here.”

Dr. Alice says they accomplished that mission with our flooring.

“From the aesthetic side, the length of the planks help enhance the existing dimensions making the space look bigger,” she says. “We particularly love the wabi-sabi nature that Palka flooring adds a ‘natural’ look, creating a warm and welcoming space. From a practical standpoint, we love the 40 mil wear layer and the warranty.”

Commercial Flooring to Last a Lifetime

The Signature Line in the Modin Collection is an excellent choice for commercial spaces, like this dental office, storefronts, restaurants and more. The 40-mil wear layer can stand up to any amount of foot traffic that comes it’s way, and with a 20-year commercial warranty, you’re guaranteed the support from our expert team.

Dr. Alice and Dr. Chris are definitely paving the way for a beautifully reimagined dental experience, and we are so glad Flooret could be a part of it!

The Brooklyn Mint Dental Staff.
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