Catura Signature is new to the Modin Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection. This rich, walnut wood look floor brings a decadent, moody aesthetic to any room, but can also be brightened up with light-colored furnishings and bright walls.

Nicole Wright, an avid DIY-er and designer, immediately pictured an old vintage dining room when she saw Catura.

“The trend right now is black and white everything,” Nicole says, “but this room is all about mixing and matching with jewel tones and antique art.”

We met Nicole when we partnered with her to create her dream space for the One Room Challenge, sponsored by Better Homes & Garden. 


Nicole's beautiful use of Soho Signature, a light oak wood floor, paired with deep emerald green walls and woven textures throughout showed us Nicole had an amazing eye for interior design. We asked her to make a few mood boards for us with other colors from the Modin Collection to get inspired by.

Nicole’s Catura Vintage Dining Space mood board gives us the vibe of a cozy bar on the east coast, warm and inviting after a foggy day out on the water. Catura’s rich tones are perfect for adding drama to an old building, paired perfectly with some velvet barstools and whiskey glasses by candlelight.

Modern metal finishes, thrifted wall art, dried floral arrangements, and curiosity-peaking trinkets fill the spaces between Catura and the furnishings.


“A lot of the furniture is what you’d find at your grandparent’s house that you once laughed at as a kid,” she says, “or art you’d dig out of an estate sale. This space is for the person who can’t help themselves but go into every thrift store they come across.”

To make sure the room has a touch of modernity, Nicole recommends pendant lighting fixtures to give an industrial feel. This updates the room just enough to feel chic while still maintaining its vintage quality.

The ultimate key to this dining room, Nicole says, is having the conversation starter piece.

“You need to have that one piece that stands out, that’s just slightly abnormal, to be the conversation starter. Whether it’s an old sign or a phone booth, it should have its own story, and if you don’t know its story you can make it up. That’s the special thing about vintage.”

We love Nicole's take on Catura Signature. Stay tuned for more from this awesome designer!

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