Fall is here in full force and decorating for this season is all about bringing warmth inside with decorative wreaths, candles, textiles, and more. In the spirit of the season, we've selected Elmstead SignatureDimalo Signature, and Pomeroy Signature as our 2021 Fall Favorites.

Here are three ways to style our favorite fall tones from the Modin collection. What flooring matches your vibe best?

Elmstead—The Perfect Nude Vinyl Flooring

Elmstead Signature can’t help but stun as the ideal mid-tone brown floor covering. With gorgeous wirebrushing and natural variation, it exudes a mildly rustic vibe that suits a large number of palettes and design styles.

When your floors are neutral, your entire space becomes a blank canvas that's ready for anything!


Try pairing Elmstead with a range of nude and cream shades for the perfect transition into a cozy winter.

Pomeroy—A Rich, Deep Brown Cocoa Shade

Pomeroy Signature feels like it belongs in a home, just off a cobblestone street, where a limewashed brick fireplace filled with crackling flames warms the interior as autumn leaves fall outside the windows.

With its deep, roasted chocolate shade, Pomeroy can lean cool or warm, depending on its surrounding elements. Contrasting Pomeroy with bright red and yellow decor helps bring out its beautiful detail.

Dimalo Signature—A Striking, Weathered Wicker Vibe

Dimalo Signature looks tough and rustic. It shines in modern farmhouses and sturdy mountain cabins. Dimalo reminds us of whiskey fireside chats, old books, and velvet seats.

Dimalo Signature Mood Board by Claire Shafer, Fine Feather Design

This wirebrushed, weather-beaten oak look maintains an air of sophistication, especially when paired with deep reds and sultry browns to match its umber shade.

Here's to a cozy autumn and smooth transition into winter!

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