Lauren’s home is one that immediately takes your breath away. Her gift for decor that is fresh, bright and welcoming graces every room.

It’s the perfect home for their family now, but that wasn’t always the case!

Starting From Scratch: Replacing Builder-Grade Flooring With Flooret Luxury Vinyl Plank

Lauren and her husband bought their home just over 10 years ago. Back then, they were able to choose the final finishes, although off the bat, Lauren wasn’t 100% satisfied with how it looked.

“We went with the builder grade options that came with the house… we had linoleum kitchen, bathroom and entry way floors, and everyhing else was wall to wall carpet. Our house was outdated before we could live in it!”

Despite the home not being completely to their taste, they agreed that once things started to wear down a bit, that they would replace the outdated flooring with one to reflect Lauren’s beautiful interior decorating style.

They settled on luxury vinyl plank flooring for their home’s upgrade, although, Lauren wasn’t always set on vinyl!

“I’m a self proclaimed carpet loving gal,” Lauren says. “I’m probably one of the few people on this planet that is into interior decorating that actually likes and enjoys carpet.”

Only the absolute best could top Lauren’s preference for that flooring material - and Flooret passed the test!

“This was a huge change for me, but I came to immediately love the feel of Flooret under my feet,” Lauren says.

What a win!

How Flooret Stood Out From the Rest

Like many of our customers, Lauren and her husband started their search for flooring at big box stores.

“Our friends had just installed a Pergo Outlast floor that I loved the look of,” Lauren says.

After shopping around and bringing over 40 samples home, they weren’t satisfied with the quality.

“They were flimsy and looked cheap,” Lauren says.

Finally, when scrolling through Facebook one day, Lauren came across a post in one of her interior decorating groups.

The post mentioned flooring, and a member recommended joining Flooret’s Flooring Advice Group - a group now over 13,000 member strong that share their experience and expertise about all things flooring.

Lauren joined without knowing Flooret’s name – but she was able to see the hundreds of customers sharing their positive experiences about us.

“I started researching it immediately and knew I had found a gem of a company,” she says.

She ordered samples, and the rest was history.

Lauren says she could tell Flooret was different before they even received the product, because of her experience with our team’s service.

“The customer service of Flooret has been outstanding from ordering to delivery – they’ve been top-notch!” Lauren says. “I appreciate the care they put into everything. I could tell immediately they take pride in their product even by the way they ship out their samples, so I knew that when we received our full order, that same level of care and quality would be there.”

Ordering samples directly to her door was a breeze. Then, the actual product came in, and her expectations were surpassed yet again!

“When we received the samples, we could tell the quality was much higher than others we had looked at – even some well known names,” Lauren says.

Lauren ordered Catura Signature, one of the darkest wood look colors in the Modin Collection, to reflect her elegant decor style.

“Now I’m one of those happy customers bragging about her new Flooret floors and posting pictures!”

Timeless in Beauty And Durability

Lauren says she couldn’t be happier with her floors. She started installion first in her kitchen, and says it was an instant upgrade. Room by room, her and her husband are installing Flooret luxury vinyl plank throughout the house, and it looks stunning.

“Everyone, and I mean everyone, says they are absolutely beautiful and/or gorgeous,” Lauren says.

The best part about her flooring? The beauty matches up with the quality.

“I love the color, the look, and more than anything, the quality of our flooring,” Lauren says. “The 40 mil wear layer was a thing that attracted us to Flooret,” she says says. “We knew they would not be scratched easily. I also love that the flooring is 100% waterproof because I love to hand wash them.”

Lauren says her floors were just the finishing touch her beautiul home needed.

“They feel great under your feet, they’re easy to clean, and they give our whole lower level the high end look that it needed. While we had very nice furnishings and decor throughout our home before, the floors never matched the same level of luxury, until now with Flooret!”

We’re so glad you love your Flooret floors, Lauren!

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