Soho Signature is one of the most beloved colors of the Modin Collection, and it’s not hard to see why: the honey-blonde light wood look has been a staple in contemporary homes for decades. Soho is the perfect light oak shade to include in any coastal interior design aesthetic. 

Light wood floors are a great foundation for for a kitchen, bedroom, living room or bathroom, and will flawlessly transition throughout a home.

Interior designer Liza Nicole crafted this Soho-inspired mood board to craft the perfect California coastal resting space.

“Soho gives me such a modern, eclectic, relaxed vibe,” Liza says, “perfect for a bedroom.”

Liza says this bedroom is ideal for people who love sophisticated design, but don’t want their space to feel cold.

“They’re chill, yet refined,” she says. “They’re very into their surroundings, be it the nature in the forest, or the beach. They love minimalistic design, but also want comfort.”

Liza deftly navigates the fine line between luxuriousness and hominess by using multiple textures to achieve an organic feel. From the woven hamper basket to the intricate rug, the room delivers a calm vibe with layers of interest to take in. The grey linen headboard with silver and grey accent pillows are emblematic of Liza’s signature monochromatic approach to design.

The navy blue dresser from Universal Designs adds another layer to the cool color family, bringing a cool tranquility to the room. Brass and wicker elements, like the beautiful woven mirror from Atelier Designs, are reminiscent of treasures in nature and balance the space with warmth.

For walls, Liza Nicole recommends Simply White by Benjamin Moore and accenting the room with rich jewel tones such as dark emerald greens, blues, and berry reds. Highlights can come in the form of more organic wood accents or metallic fixtures.

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Order a flooring sample of Soho to see it in person.

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