Imagine walking down a charming boulevard, lined with colorful little shops. One store catches your eye - a sense of magic and wonder radiate from it. You walk into a candlelit space with books on astrology, crystals on the shelves, and below you: Madeira Signature!

Whether you’re into the mystical aesthetic or love a floor that has drama and sophistication all in one, Madeira, a dark wood floor with unique wire brushing, is a great choice.

We sat down with the talented architect and designer Claire Shafer of Fine Feather Design to chat about this mood board she created for Madeira.

“I imagine Madeira in a really cool retail space,” Claire says, “with candles, beautiful soaps, and crystals.”

Claire’s inspiration for her designs mostly comes from her love of nature. In all of her unique works, you’ll see nature in its many forms make appearances in intricate fabrics, textiles, shapes, and more.

Working with dark wood floors can be intimidating, but tying in some of those natural elements, like a crystal, will bring interest to the space. Though the dark gray of Madeira is dramatic, Claire’s styling gives it a sense of coziness and welcoming.

Claire also notes that Madeira is special in that it doesn’t look too modern or too outdated.

“This space isn’t trendy, but it’s not stuck in the past,” Claire says. “Having that variation of materials, like the gloss from the marble and matte of the tile, shows that.”

These elements also cause the wire brushing of Madeira to pop.

With Claire’s design, Madeira, though dark, shines in this mystical shop of wonders.

Were you inspired by this mood board?

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