Silvan Resilient Hardwood entered the scene in 2021 as a step above engineered hardwood. Thanks to its extremely dense core, Silvan is 3x more durable than typical hardwood, and is topically waterproof, so it's perfect for homes like this one in Naples, Florida, where floors need to stand up to humidity and trips in from the pool. 

Silvan Resilient Hardwood: Strong and Beautiful

Flooret is known for our Modin Rigid Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection, which has surpassed industry standards for years now as the most durable, high quality and cost-effective LVP on the market. However, there are still people out there who love the feel and look of real wood, no matter how realistic our LVP looks. We knew that in order to live up to our standards, we needed to find the most innovative product out there.

Silvan Resilient Hardwood is engineered with 5G® Dry™ waterproof technology, which means that not only are the planks water tight, but liquid standing on its surface will not warp or bubble the planks like it would typical hardwood. 

That's good news for this home: wet feet from the outdoor pool are more than welcome! Featured in these photos is Lyon 7", a gorgeous neutral floor with grey and taupe tones. 

To see it for yourself, order a sample here

Not only is it topically waterproof, its extremely dense core enables Silvan to have a much higher impact resistance, even moreso than engineered hardwood. It is made of repurposed sawdust that is pressurized under an immense amount of heat, resulting in a core much more rigid than standard oak or birch. 

Silvan is truly stunning thanks to its real wood wear layer, and it's made with the planet in mind. It is crafted with FSC© 100% Hardwood from sustainably-managed European forests. Having a Forest Stewardship Council Certification means that Silvan meets the gold standard for ethical production. 

Silvan Resilient Hardwood comes in 6 total colors in a beautifully curated collection:

  • Anza: A relaxing mid-tone brown
  • Balboa: A natural sepia
  • Lyon: A muted taupe-grey
  • Evern: A light and cool greige
  • Brimmon: A rich, toasted deep brown
  • Oban: An elegant malted barley brown

Not sure which color fits your style? With our Room Studio Tool, you can test out any of our floors in your home by simply snapping a picture! Or, if you're having trouble deciding, the Silvan Bestsellers Sample Kit is just $5 for a limited time and comes with a cut sample of each shade so you can see it in real life. 

You can accomplish any project you want with the Silvan Collection since it comes with matching sets of trims and stair treads

Shown here is the Silvan Nosing Round in Lyon 7", which seamlessly matches the stairs also built with actual planks.

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