A Unique Reason for LVP Flooring

Angela and her family purchased their forever home in early 2020. Luckily, the house was in great shape - it was built in the mid-2000s and its previous owners took great care of it.

They started making the home their own with little changes, like painting the walls and swapping out simple fixtures.

Replacing the carpeted flooring throughout the home seemed like a decision they would make way further down the road until Angela’s son Charlie started to have allergic reactions to the dog hair stuck in the carpet. Although they had it professionally cleaned, Charlie developed uncomfortable rashes from constant exposure to the allergens.

As a result, the family began searching for the best flooring for allergies, found Flooret, and fast-tracked their plan to install luxury vinyl plank flooring throughout the main level of their home.

“Not only does the space now look more cohesive and clean, Charlie's rashes progressively decreased and disappeared. As a bonus, it's also so much easier to clean up after our kids now,” Angela says.

Starting The Search For The Perfect Vinyl Floors

Angela did a ton of research before finding Flooret. She had her ideal flooring material in mind and started her search with a set budget.

“I knew I wanted LVP, but I also wanted very good quality with a reasonable price tag. Flooret Modin checked all the boxes,” Angela says.

Angela fell in love with Sutton Signature, a beautiful oak-inspired vinyl flooring with natural white wire brushing. Sutton is a gorgeous, natural-looking floor that adds a balanced dimension to any space it’s in.

The Modin Signature line has a luxuriously long and wide plank—9” by 72” to be exact. The result is a defined, elegant look. It was essential to Angela that the flooring she chose was aesthetically pleasing and able to keep up with her active family.

“We are by no means delicate people,” Angela says. “We are rough on our floors. Our kids ride their scooters and wave cars on them. I move our furniture around quite often (to clean or just change things up). Our floors have held up nicely after a year and a half,” she says.

How Flooret Completed This Family’s Forever Home

Angela couldn’t be happier with her Sutton floors. With the Modin Collection, Angela was able to achieve all her flooring goals and get the best quality, look, and price for her beautiful home.

“I get compliments on my floors without prompting,” Angela says. “People always ask about our floors and assume they're real wood. They're ‘floored’ when I tell them it's LVP.”

All of Angela’s research was worth it in the end because her floors will last for years to come.

“Flooret is definitely the kind of flooring that is for a forever home. It elevated our space. It's hands-down the best thing we did with our house,” she says.

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