Deciding Between Microbevels vs. Enhanced Bevels
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August 20, 2021By Chesiree Katter

Deciding Between Microbevels vs. Enhanced Bevels

With the magic of bevels, Flooret makes luxury vinyl plank flooring look like real wood. The Modin Rigid LVP Collection offers both Signature and Base model flooring, which differ in their bevel size.

We chatted with customers and professional interior designers to help you narrow down your choice, based on what you're looking for in your dream floor. 

What is a bevel?

Bevels are subtle, 45-degree angles found along the edges of planks of flooring. Where planks meet, the bevels form a v-shape that helps define each individual plank and prevents your floor from looking like sheet flooring.

Featured: Soho Signature


The Modin Rigid LVP Signature Line has enhanced bevels. The grooves between planks are lined with color-matched paint to give extra definition, making the vinyl look even more wood-like and realistic.

The Modin Collection  Base Line is crafted with micro bevels. As opposed to enhanced bevels, the micro bevels are very shallow, giving just a bit of definition and an overall seamless look.

How do bevels affect appearance?

Ultimately, it’s up to your preference whether you like the look of enhanced bevels or micro bevels.

If you are aiming for a more minimalist, clean look in your space, the Base model, which has micro bevels, is a great choice. Especially noticeable in lighter colors, the floor will have a seamless finish.

One of Flooret’s favorite interior designers,  Liza Nicole, says that micro bevels allow for other elements of the room to take focus.

“A clean transition between planks allows the space to both open up, but also be a wonderful supporting player to other design elements in the room. I'd use this where my furnishings and accessories are more bold with scale, textures and color.”

One customer, Jessica, chose  Soho Base in her home for this purpose.

“I loved that the bevel lines were less noticeable, which helped my smaller rooms seem bigger than they were beforehand.”

Featured: Soho Base

If you prefer your floors to look as close to real wood as possible, enhanced bevels may be for you. In bigger spaces, enhanced bevels will give the appearance of division and luxurious detail.

Liza Nicole says that enhanced bevels can add interest and depth to a space.

“With this touch of a bevel, the flooring has more of a starring role in the feature. It adds a detail that complements a clean design whereby the fixtures and furnishings are more muted in scale and finish details (think California coastal, modern farmhouse, transitional) -- like shiplap for your floors!”


Featured: Soho Signature

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