Wirebrushed vs. Non-Wirebrushed Flooring

Wirebrushed flooring is a type of flooring texture commonly found on closed-grain solid hardwood flooring, including maple, cherry, and mahogany. To achieve this unique look, a professional manufacturer or installer will lightly run a wire brush over the surface of a hardwood floor and then sand it down by hand, leaving it smooth to the touch but with a softly scraped appearance.

Although we're taught that we should do everything in our power not to scratch our wood, laminate, or vinyl flooring, the worn, aged look of wirebrushed flooring is something that is sought after by many home and business owners seeking a rustic look, and feel to their space.

Featured: Elmstead Signature from the Modin LVP Collection

And not only does it look nice, but the textured finish left behind by the wirebrushing process also helps to hide scratches and wear over time on wood floors, further enhancing its appeal.

The Benefits of Wirebrushed LVP

Installing LVP (luxury vinyl plank) flooring in your home offers several benefits, including added durability in high-traffic areas, low maintenance requirements, and a stylish appearance. It also provides a wide variety of affordable finish options to choose from.

Wirebrushed hardwood flooring is a popular choice, and choosing a wirebrushed LVP style for your floors gives you the best of both worlds.

Because LVP can replicate any texture and design, you can have the rustic, aged look of wirebrushed flooring in your home for just a fraction of the cost of traditional hardwood floors. That, combined with the added durability and ease of maintenance of LVP, makes it a practical and cost-effective flooring option for any home or business.

Is Wirebrushed Flooring Right For Me?

It depends on what you’re looking for in your flooring.

If you like the rustic, more natural look, then the slightly weathered appearance of wirebrushed flooring is likely to fit in with and even enhance your existing decor.

On the other hand, if your style is more modern, then the classic look of our non-wirebrushed types of vinyl flooring might be more to your liking. Our non-wirebrushed flooring options can give your home a more minimal and clean look, starting right from your floors.

Whether you prefer a wirebrushed or non-wirebrushed finish in your vinyl plank flooring, Flooret has plenty of sustainably sourced, high-quality, and affordable choices that are sure to fit in with your decor and give your home a beautiful base to build on.

Explore our Modin Rigid LVP Collection for our most popular types of luxury vinyl flooring and discover your ideal solution.

Most popular wirebrushed options:

Sutton: A refined yet natural choice for any space in your home.

Lachlan: Influenced by Nordic design, with a clean, versatile aesthetic.

Elmstead: Beautiful, mid-tone oak grain that works with just about every color combination.

Most popular non-wirebrushed options:

Nakan: Bring the sandy California coast to your home.

Soho: A timeless, versatile flooring option you’re sure to love.

Tilden: A driftwood-inspired design, neutral and perfect for various decor styles.

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