Are Grey Wood Floors Just a Trend?
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February 26, 2021By Chesiree Katter

Are Grey Wood Floors Just a Trend?

Grey and Greige: All the Rage

Grey wood floors have risen to the top of interior design trend lists. The modern, versatile color has become a favorite choice in home design, alongside “greige,” which, as the name implies, mixes in a hint of beige.

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In the last five years, neutral palettes have been all the rage. Grey and greige textiles act as the perfect neutral, existing just between bright white floors and dark black floors, allowing for a happy medium that can match cool or warm toned aesthetics.

So are grey floors just a trend? Or will they take their place among the classics, like crisp oak, deep brown and warm honey floors?

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How to Style Grey Floors

Our thoughts: grey is here to stay. We consulted one of our favorite interior designers, Liza Nicole, for the final say:

“The darker your grey floor, the more interesting and moody you can get. Continuing that monochromatic look to make it chic and sophisticated,” Liza says. “That will keep it timeless and refined.”

Oxden Signature from the Modin Collection is the perfect color to go with if you’re looking for a high impact color that oozes elegance. Check out how Oxden is styled in a luxury hotel.

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If you’re into a more bright and fresh look to compliment grey floors, consider furnishings that have nude tones to elevate the room, like a light linen sofa. We recommend looking at  Hafren Signature for this look, which is versatile enough to compliment dreamy beach decor.

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For paint, Liza suggests paint with a beige undertone, like Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.

Grey floors can also make a beautiful office space. This moodboard by Liza Nicole shows Ashford Signature, one of our favorite greys in the Modin Collection. The result: a perfect place to be inspired and creative. For a detailed rundown of the moodboard, check out this blog post!

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