6th Oct 2022

Jennifer's Amazing Home Remodel: How She Did It With LVP Flooring

Jennifer's Amazing Home Remodel: How She Did It With LVP Flooring

When Jennifer decided to remodel her home, she wanted to find a flooring material that was durable, high-quality, and easy to install. She also wanted something that would look great and last for years in her family home.

Finding the Perfect Floors for a Home Remodel

Since Jennifer was planning a full-scale remodel, including gutting her old kitchen and redoing both stories of her home, her flooring of choice needed to perform well and look beautiful. She needed floors that could stand up to her kids, who love using their backyard pool and tracking water inside.

After searching for flooring inspiration online, Jennifer discovered Flooret and decided to go with Nakan Craftsman from the Modin Rigid Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection. Craftsman features narrow planks that accentuate Nakan’s natural variation, resulting in a stunning final look.

Jennifer installed Nakan Craftsman entirely on her own, despite never having installed flooring before.

"This was the first time I had laid any type of flooring. I am pretty crafty/handy, so I watched a few videos, read the instructions, read through some Facebook posts for tips, and then attempted to do it," Jennifer says. "I am a woman in my late 30s, and I completed the flooring project entirely on my own within a few days."

Jennifer's pro tip for installation?

"Lay out a few rows of boards at a time to make sure no repeats in patterns are apparent," she advises. "There were a few times I had to troubleshoot how I was going to do something (making different cuts around walls, floor vent holes, etc.), but nothing was too difficult. I found an isolating tool very helpful in those situations. The product was easy to cut."

Jennifer sure makes flooring installation look easy! Flooret flooring is designed to be DIY-friendly for everyone, including first-time installers. Plus, our team is happy to help with any issues along the way!

Looking Brand New, Half a Year Later

Jennifer and her family love their Nakan Craftsman floors.

"My father-in-law has a lot of experience in home improvement construction, and even he was impressed with the quality and look of the floors," she says.

Jennifer says that even six months after installation, the floors look as good as they did on day one. We have to agree!

Why Modin Craftsman Narrow Plank LVP?

Craftsman is an excellent choice for those who like the timeless aesthetic of a craftsman-style home. The Craftsman line was created to bring you the beautiful look of narrow plank floors combined with the high durability of vinyl plank flooring. The result is a floor that looks great in both modern and traditional homes and makes any space look designer-curated!

Modin Craftsman is built with the same 40-mil wear layer as Modin Signature and features a slight micro bevel that will give your space a clean, seamless appearance. Combined with the narrow 3.35” planks that bring out each color’s natural variation, these features make Modin Craftsman the perfect choice for any space.

Learn more about Craftsman in this blog.