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How to Order

Start with samples and, before you know it, you'll have new floors delivered directly to your house, without ever having to set foot in a showroom.

Step 1
Choose Colors + Order Samples

Take a look at the colors in each of our collections and choose one that you love as a starting point. We recommend ordering at least 3 different cut samples: the one you love, a darker option, and a lighter option.

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Step 2
See how each color looks in your space.

View your samples alongside your existing furnishings and decor. Take a look at your samples in different lighting conditions and at different times of day. The amount and quality of light in your space can change how each color appears.

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Step 3
Prepare to be floored.

Once you've found the perfect color for your space, place your order online or give us a call at 1-800-700-8122 to order over the phone. Your floors will arrive in 4-12 business days.

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