Better Products. Better Service. Best Pricing.No More Middle-Men

One of the core principles behind our company is offering our customers direct access to the highest quality flooring products. This means we don’t work through multi-tiered distribution models, retail stores, and other “middle-men”. We work directly with manufacturers, negotiate the best rates for the highest-quality specifications, and bring those products directly to the consumer.

Like most building materials, the flooring industry is filled with many layers of distribution. Many of these distributors and retailers have been in business for multiple generations, and have relationships that span decades. Because of this “old boys club” network, manufacturers with new products often have no way to reach end-users without playing by the rules. This means that the manufacturer sells to an agent or importer, who will then sell to a “brand”, who will in turn sell to a regional distributor, who will sell to local retailers and showrooms, who will finally sell to the end-user. Each layer of this supply chain adds a margin, to the point where products are often marked up 400-600% by the time they reach the market.

One of our main goalsRemove the Midde-Men

One of our goals when we set out to start Flooret was to get rid of the unnecessary layers of distribution. We started by looking at brands in other industries that had used modern technology to shorten their supply-chains, and came up with some key strategies:

  • We leverage our relationships with the best manufacturers in the world to get premium products at the best possible pricing.
  • We warehouse and package our products ourselves, using strategically located facilities.
  • We carry our own proprietary brands, meaning we don’t have to purchase from a company that merely creates a logo and slaps it on a product they imported.
  • We ship directly from our warehouses using negotiated trucking rates. Because of our volume, we can pass these competitive shipping rates on to our customers.
  • We provide our own customer service and support. This allows us to provide superior service, because our representatives can focus on being experts in our products, rather than having to learn about dozens of different brands. It also means our customer service personnel have no supplier commissions, the unfortunate phenomenon of certain brands paying sales reps in showrooms to push their brand. When you walk into a flooring showroom, you never know if the brand the sales rep is promoting is really the best. With us, you can rest assured there are no hidden agendas. We believe our products are the best, and are happy to show you why.

Benefit from Working Directly with ManufacturerFull Transparency

One additional benefit that comes from working directly with manufacturers is transparency. We maintain close relationships with our suppliers. We pay third-party auditors to test our products, and follow the supply chain from raw material to end-user. With reports of product mislabeling rampant in the industry, we know first-hand how rare it is to know where your products are coming from. Working directly with the source manufacturer is the only way to establish integrity and safety of a flooring product.

Because we grew up in the flooring industry, we understand that buying a floor is a big decision, both in terms of cost and long-term use. We know that it is important to review samples, have someone to answer questions, and have all the accurate technical specs and installation instructions available. By controlling the process from start to finish, we can provide the best products, with top level service, at a competitive rate.