About UsThe Flooret Story

Flooret was conceived as an alternative way to manufacture, source, and purchase flooring. When we started, the monopolization of distributors in the flooring industry had led to limited options and over-priced floors. With less brands having the resources to properly develop new, innovative products, the options available to consumers were dwindling, as was the quality. The more interesting products, where they were available, were at the extreme high-end of the price spectrum.


So 20th CenturyOutdated Distribution Model

As is often the case with industries stuck in a 20th century distribution model, these high prices were not a function of cost; rather, it was simply a multitude of brokers, sales reps, and other middlemen taking high margins. By the time the consumer got quoted, the product was marked-up 300-600% from the factory cost. More importantly, the separation between the end-user and the manufacturer meant designs and trends lagged. Consumers were not getting the products and designs they wanted, due to the slow nature of having so many layers of distribution. By the time new colors were developed, they were already outdated. Somehow there had to be a better way.

Time for a ChangeRevolutionizing the Industry

What really opened our eyes was seeing how over the last 10 years a wide range of industries had figured out how to use the internet and eCommerce to deliver superior products and service to customers. Looking at innovative brands like Warby Parker, who had revolutionized the eyeglasses industry, we realized there was an opportunity to create a genuine brand with true values that was also accessible. Thus Flooret was born with the simple mission statement: The best flooring products available, priced competitively. This is the result of three principles that guide our product development:

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01Superior Construction

We always start with quality. Our products are not just high quality; we aim to provide the best flooring products on the market. This means products designed with the best materials, the thickest wear-layers, and the strongest finishes. Our products exceed industry standards, and are often at the forefront of their class in terms of warranty and durability. We work closely with all of our suppliers, often pushing them to develop new specifications. Innovation in durability and longevity, whether it be for commercial or residential applications, is our core guiding principle.

02Contemporary Design

We confess to being big design geeks. Our offices are a mess of interior design magazines and artwork. We get in heated discussions about credenzas and kitchen cabinets. We get the art behind great design, and develop our colors to be part of the symphony that makes amazing rooms. Our design sessions involve reviewing and tweaking hundreds of colors. We typically discard 30-40 designs for every winner. Overly picky? Think of us as your first line of defense against bad design. By the time we present you with an option, you can rest assured it is the best option in that color range.

03Sustainable & Transparent Sourcing

We are strong members of the green building movement. All of our products qualify for various LEED credits as part of the USGBC program. We aim to provide the highest percentage of recycled and recyclable synthetic products, and FSC 100% Certified wood products. Our products all have zero or negligible formaldehyde and VOC emissions, and are audited by reputable third-parties.

We also take pride in being transparent about where we source our products. While most importers and brands work hard to hide where their products come from, we think it is important to know where your floors are made.

Beyond the ProductService & Support

Beyond superior products, we also believe service and support are a core part of the floor-buying experience. We offer a superior alternative to the traditional showroom experience for multiple reasons:

More Efficient - Rather than visiting multiple showrooms and having to price-shop, our easy-to-use website is always available from the comfort of your home or office.

Multiple Sample Options - We offer three tiers of samples. Our basic samples are 12” long (double the average cut-sample size). If you need to see more, we will ship a full plank of flooring to you. Finally, we can ship you a full box of any color. That is over 20 sq ft you can lay out in your home, and get a real idea for how the product will look.

Expert Support - Unlike showrooms that represent dozens of brands, we specialize in our products. That means we can give you the best possible support, without pushy sales. Our product specialists are ready to help you during business hours by chat, phone or email. Be warned: we geek out about flooring. You might get more help than you asked for.

Technology - Our custom-built room designer allows you to visualize our products in a photo-realistic medium. We scan our products at extremely high resolution, and then generate room scenes in a variety of rooms. Even better, you can upload photos of your own home and see a photo-quality image with our floors installed free of charge. How is that for shopping for flooring in the 21st century?

Nationwide Shipping - We ship directly to your curbside, and even into your home. We offer a range of shipping options depending on your budget and schedule. All shipments are 100% insured.

Easy Returns - We offer an easy return policy, in the event you change your mind. We realize circumstances change. We want you to have an awesome experience, even if that means you end up shopping somewhere else. We like to maintain good Karma.

Last But Not LeastOwner Operated

That means we take direct responsibility for our customers and products. With so many flooring brands being owned by large investment groups and conglomerates, it can sometimes be hard to find anyone to talk to. While we strive to innovate and lead in both technology and product development, we like to think of ourselves as being “old school” in this one respect: you can always ask to speak to the owners.

We hope to speak with you soon!
The Flooret Team